A new wave of emotion

Rush Randle Tow surfing Jaws in MauiYesterday, while cleaning out some old papers, I found a post card from my cousin. He had sent it from Maui, and it was a photo of a surfer (Rush Randle) riding a “mountain” of a wave (this pic is very close to it). I didn’t connect it at that moment with recent events in the news. But, it must have put the word “wave” on my mind. I went in to work today, and it is quite a busy day for many of my co-workers @ClarkBookstore – Book Buy Back week. I met one of our buyers on my way to my desk, and asked her “Are you ready for the big wave?”

And then I felt weird. And then I told her so. She agreed. That sentence would have sounded totally different — normal — a week ago.

I remember this same feeling after Katrina. I had a similar experience. I used the “w” word in a way that felt normal the week before. I also remember feeling a small amount of sympathy for the 80’s band “Katrina and the waves“. Nothing like the sympathy I felt for residents (and colleagues I knew) in the New Orleans area, but somehow that band’s name suddenly didn’t conjure up thoughts of “walkin on sunshine”.

I still like the word wave, and it reminds me of good times spent on ocean shores, and even in the surf. I still think about riding on waves too. Not at the magnitude that Rush Randle does. Magnitude. Enough words for this post.

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