3/16 – Oh Happy Day!

3:16 - The Numbers of HopeA couple of days ago, on Monday, it was “pi day”, 3/14. For us math geeks, it’s the first three digits of pi (3.141592653…) For the extra geeky, it will be a super pi day in 4 years when it is 3/14/15. Especially at 9:26:53! Now, two days later, the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day, it is 3/16. A day of Hope.

About a month ago I was having a restless night – not sleeping well. I had planned to get up early the next morning to do some reading in the early hours. Thinking it was near a “get up” time, I grabbed my bedside clock, and clicked the light. 3:16. when I saw it, I thought… Too early! And then I saw it again. 3:16. I got up. I did read John 3:16 that morning, among other verses, and thought about the superbowl ad that was banned from the game last month. It ended with that link, and a simple explanation of the verse.

I also see that today the radio station K-LOVE has a page on their blog about this day, trying to get it nationally recognized. I, for one, support it.

3:16 is a day of hope, A Happy Day. The day that the (human) Race was Won by One. It reminds me of the ending to the movie “Secretariat“, when another race was won by one… and by the greatest distance… a record that still stands. Oh, Happy Day.

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