prime time – binary a day too soon

10-11-11 – Another of the binary dates this year. The first one was the first day of this year, the last will be in a month when all goes to eleven… 11-11-11. Today in binary, also written as 10 1111 would be 47. That number, as you may know, is a prime. Forty-seven is a nice prime number, I think, and the atomic weight of silver. It would have been funny to me if it were tomorrow, since that day, the twelfth, is when the 47 experience really begins.

Last week when Steve Jobs passed away, I checked his “number of days” from birth to Oct. 5, 2011. That number was 20,677. You can calculate these “difference of days” pretty easily in MS Excel, unless you have to go back a few centuries, and then it doesn’t work as well. I did find a website that will calculate this for you. Another website I have found, and use from time to prime time, simply for mathematical amusement is a prime factorization site. (math geek warning here!) There are other sites that do this, but this one works just fine. So, I put in the number of days for Steve (20,677), and got the factors of 23 x 29 x 31. Three consecutive primes. Primes numbered 9, 10, and 11.

Curious about this, I also factored some other famous inventors and mathematicians number of days on earth. The one that most got my attention was Einstein … 27,793 days. And that number is prime. I also just found out about Eisenstein primes… of which 47 is one. 47 is also a Carol number (new to me) which there are only 9 of under 1 million. And, that is where I make myself stop (for now). This “math thing” will take you as far as you want to go with it, for now… I will save it for another sleepless night!

PS… footnote: I just discovered this about The “mystery of 47” at Pomona College. Something that began in 1964… a “mere” 47 years ago. Weird. : )

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