Nicknames – in the Nick of time.

Today I helped a friend move. His name is Nick. Actually, technically… Nicholas. I have been thinking a lot about nicknames lately. I use one every day. I go by Matt, but yes… my given name is Matthew. Nicknames make sense to me, especially when they are shorter. Or less syllables. Jase for Jason (or even “J”), Bob for Robert, Will for William (or Bill), and Mel for Melanie. Sometimes, though… they go the other way. Weird.

Helping move Nick today was another friend, Marc. My brother (spelt differently) is also named Mark. No real natural nickname (or shortened name). Our sister, his twin, Heidi (Heid’) calls him Mookie. For me, that’s weird. I expect a nickname to be a shorter (less syllables) version of your real (given) name. If you go by “Bart” – Great! you dropped three syllables from Bartholomew. Lately someone at work has been calling me “Matty”. I’m ok with it, and it’s not the first time. I have had a few friends over the years call me that. But, adding syllables… I can see one, but what if your given name was James, and instead of “Jim”, your friends called you Jimmjimmeree (for example). Weird.

My baby sis-in-law has a great nickname. Jenny. Given name, Jennifer. But for years now, we all just call her Jen. Great name! (rhymes with Ren). I always wished I had a friend who had one of the coolest nicknames. I wish I knew someone named Nigel, and could call him “Nige”  (as referred to by his bandmates in “Spinal Tap“) Another would have to be Julie, nicknamed “Jules” – only one letter shorter, but… also one syllable less.  Speaking of less… Les is more, unless you go by Lester. Or Lesteroni. Weird.

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